LoBo Ranch BSA

Dane Oliver's Eagle Scout Project

Hi, my name is Dane Oliver and I am a member of Boy Scout Troop 104 in Lakeland, FL. I am working on my Eagle Scout project and would appreciate your support.

My Eagle Project will be to build a teen gathering area around a fire pit, including a path from the house and pavilion, for LoBo Ranch. The LoBo Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of child advocates who combine their unique gifts and talents to serve children in foster care. A design is shown below depicting the paths and gathering area around the fire pit.

I am soliciting for sponsors to help fund this project. If you are able and inclined to contribute to this project then please click on the DONATE button which will take you to a PayPal page donated by Turn and Burn Metalworks, LLC, where you can contribute. If you prefer to use a payment method other than PayPal then please contact me via email at donate@dane4eagle.org and I'll work with you. All contributions will be made public, for transparency, unless you specifically ask to be kept anonymous via email to donate@dane4eagle.org. If you are a corporate sponsor and would like me to link to your business then please specify such to me via email.

Thanks for your support!

$0 $3000

Total Donations: $3105

Date From Amount
2021-07-23 Turn and Burn Metalworks, LLC $200.00
2021-07-24 John and Sherri Sager $50.00
2021-07-25 Julie Sager $50.00
2021-07-27 The Weiland Family $50.00
2021-07-27 Andra Brainard $50.00
2021-07-27 Anonymous $200.00
2021-07-28 Gary Kemp $25.00
2021-07-28 Robert F. Doherty $100.00
2021-07-28 Viki Rutledge $25.00
2021-07-29 Sheryl Fernandez $100.00
2021-07-29 The Beck Family $50.00
2021-07-30 Jessica Peterson $10.00
2021-07-30 David & Connie Ricks $200.00
2021-07-30 Patti King $25.00
2021-07-31 Jack & Pauline Sager $50.00
2021-08-02 William Paul $20.00
2021-08-02 The Eschrich Family $50.00
2021-08-05 Noah Sager $50.00
2021-08-07 The Lobozzo Family $100.00
2021-08-07 Nicole Sager $50.00
2021-08-08 The Zecckine Family $50.00
2021-08-11 The Shreve Family $400.00
2021-08-15 The Lynn Family $25.00
2021-08-15 Michael and Renee Sager $100.00
2021-08-15 Julie Hayes $50.00
2021-08-16 Linda Kelly $50.00
2021-08-16 Zombie Fights Shark Co. $50.00
2021-08-25 Spartan Offroad $75.00
2021-09-05 David & Connie Ricks $800.00
2021-09-22 Shannon Butler $50.00

Progress Update - 2021-11-17:

We have scheduled the first work day to build this fire pit, seating area, and stone walking path for Saturday, November 20, 2021. Here are the 75 irregular shaped concrete stepping stones as delivered by Home Depot today.

concrete stepping stones delivered on 2021-11-17

Progress Update - 2021-11-19:

Today Home Depot delivered two more pallets, one containing wedge-shaped blocks and another containing square blocks, which when alternately stacked will yield the proper diameter for the fire pit.

concrete stepping stones delivered on 2021-11-17
concrete stepping stones delivered on 2021-11-17